970cm2 LED Photodynamic Therapy Machine 300W Pigment Removal

Basic Information
Certification: ce
Detail Information
Model Number: PDT-A Certification: ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, TGA
Application: For Commercial Feature: Acne Treatment, Blood Vessels Removal, Pigment Removal, Ski
Quantity Of LED Lights: 1820 Treatment Head Size: 580mm*280mm*30mm
Cantilever Lifting Distance: 75cm-105cm Work Voltage: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Effective Area: Up To 970cm2
High Light:

970cm2 300w photodynamic therapy machine


ISO9001 300W Photodynamic Therapy Machine


ISO13485 300w photodynamic therapy machine

Product Description

Medical LED light therapy machine skin care system for all skin diseases caused by sunlight damage and aging


LED Photodynamic Therapy Introduction

As the latest high technology product, LED photodynamic therapy device uses the very pure gene biological wave as light source, with a special light signal transmission technology, but no heat effect. During the treatment, photosensitive collagen could be used, and it could lead into hypoderma fast and efficiently, absorbed by cell, generate the most efficient photo-chemical reaction enzymatic reaction, which can improve cell viability, promote metabolism, make skin secrete collagen and fibrous tissue; meanwhile, it increases white blood cell's phagocytosis, and then comes to the effect of repair, rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne treatment, and antioxidant, particularly suitable for sub-health groups and dry, allergic skin, facial nerve numbness and spasticity.


Work Voltage: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 300W
Structure: Trolley
Display mode: LED display
Screen: 8 inch
Lights quantity: 1820 lights
Effective areas: up to 970cm2
Red: 633nm, 20~96mW/cm2
Blue: 417nm, 10~120mW/cm2
Yellow: 590nm, 5~42mW/cm2
Infrared: 850nm, 10~96mW/cm2

Working Theory

Red and blue light treatment system using United States high quality LED purity over 99% genes of biological elecromagnetic wave sources, with special optical signal transmission technology in the world, and non thermal effects. During treatment period, may combination contains special photographic ingredients of high nutrition photosensitive collagen, can fast effective of import subcutaneous tissue and are absorbed by red grains of cell, and produce most efficient of light of reaction-enzyme promoting reaction, thus improving the activity of cells and promoting the metabolism of cells. Make the skin to secrete many collagens and aumatically fill fibrous histiocytomas, while increase peritoneasl macrophages bactera ability of white cell, so as to achieve healing, tender skin whitening, acne, antioxidant effect, ideally suited for sub-healthy and dry, allergic skin, and facial nerve numbness, spastic patents.





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